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The Swedish cup 2012 consists of 7 races. The top 3 results from the first 6 races are counted . Then a mandatory cupfinal race is held. The 2012 final was again held at Ă–rebro racetrack.

Unfortunately the weather during this year season hasn’t been at its best giving a big majority of wet races. As always the correct tirechoice and a smoth drivingstyle is crucial during these conditions. The Hellquist brother and sister did not only show these skills during wet conditions but also good speed in dry conditions by ending at first and seccond position at this seasons only fully dry race held in Trollhättan this year.

Also at the Final race at Ă–rebro, the weather prognosis indicated risk for rain and this affected the amount of participants for the last race this season. As usual the rain appeared giving some unwanted exitment for the correct choice of tyres.

Markus, who already is the reigning Swedich cup champion from 2011 kept his head cool and by winning at Ă–rebro he again secured the overall win for the Swedish Cup 2012 title with his new NT1.
Erika knew that she needed to finish at 8 position or better in the final to secure the silvermedal in the cup. She took no risks and drove a strategic race in the wet without any misstakes to finish at 5 position and thereby securing the silvermedal.

Markus Hellquist and Erika Hellquist have been racing for 7 and 5 years each.

For 2012 season the two siblings changed to xray cars being supported from Swedish Xray distributer Minicars. This year has truly been great they say. There is not many siblings competing in our sport and to finish on first and seccond position in both a individual races as well as for the total swedish cup result this year is something that probably is rather unique and normally should not be possible to do. This season will be a great memory for us and we will see what the future brings. Hopefully at least some better Swedish summer weather next year.