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Race report by Sam Craig
28 October 2012 saw the running of the final race in the 2012 Singapore National Championship Series.

At this 8th and final race of the 2012 National Series, XRAY NT1 drivers filled the podium. Erwin Luhur took the win and TQ spot, finishing the 45 minute A Main on bald tires. One lap back in second place was Harry Woo, also finishing on bald tires. Another lap back in third place was Sam Craig who ran a tire change strategy and was closing in fast as the race concluded. Results as follows:

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Series 8 Top 3
1. Erwin Luhur - XRAY NT1
2. Harry Woo - XRAY NT1
3. Sam Craig - XRAY NT1

This race concluded the 2012 National Series in Singapore, where the best 5 of 8 races are considered for national ranking. For the 2012 1/10 National Series, NT1 drivers took 4 of the top 5 spots! XRAY driver Erwin Luhur was 1st overall in 1/10 scale with his NT1 and 2nd overall in 1/8 scale with his RX8.

2012 Overall Singapore National Series Results - 1/10

1. Erwin Luhur - XRAY NT1

2. Nelson Lee
3. Barry Ng - XRAY NT1
4. Sam Craig - XRAY NT1
5. Nicholas Wilcox - XRAY NT1

6. Pason Phua
7. Daniel Chee
8. Nicholas Lee
9. Don Chng - XRAY NT1
10. Ericster

2012 Overall Singapore National Series Results - 1/8

1. Nelson Lee
2. Erwin Luhur - XRAY RX8
3. Chee Lip Keong
4. Richard Ling
5. Don Chng
6. Pason Phua
7. Steven Ong
8. Michael Siow
9. Sam Chow
10. Ericster

Congratulations to all racers!