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On 13/1/2013 was the 1st race of the year with 1/10 nitro, nitro stock and electric classes at FRT, Athens, Greece. A perfect racing day with a lot of drivers in all classes and perfect sunny weather in the middle of January. We are very lucky living in Greece for outdoor racing. There is almost no rainy race. The Attiko championship keeps attracting new drivers and new teams which make competition tougher.

The qualification results

1. Sidiropoulos
2. Totomis
3. Gazetas
4. Dimitriou - XRAY NT1
5. Sotiropoulos - XRAY NT1

6. Pilichos
7. Theodoropoulos
8. Kouretas
9. Tsiklitiras
10. Nikiforos - XRAY NT1

The finals started with the stock class. In this class the driver uses any 1/10 car with a specific very low cost of 50euros engine and a beautiful scale body like Hpi Subaru, Lamborghini etc body. The main advantage is the low cost race because the refueling is at 10min (double time with one fuel tank) and just one set of tyres all day. The laps are 1,5sec slower than the best lap time. The competition is very tough because all cars have the same power and same speed.

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Winners of stock class
1. Papagianakopoulos ‶ARGI※ - XRAY NT1
2. Konstadopoulos - XRAY NT1
3. Tsatsamis - XRAY NT1

I entered the A final as 11th car because I organize the race and my car was used by my mechanic Konstadopoulos to race the 30min stock class. We changed the engine, the body, new tyres, charge the battery and went to have some fun with the fast guys.

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A Final ranking after 45min
1. Totomis
2. Sotiropoulos - XRAY NT1
3. Agelakopoulos - XRAY NT1

4. Gazetas
5. Kouretas
6. Sidiropoulos
7. Theodoropoulos
8. Tsiklitiras
9. Pilichos
10. Dimitriou - XRAY NT1
11. Nikiforos - XRAY NT1

After nitro classes it was time for the electrics. Still perfect weather, a little colder but perfect traction after the nitro foam cars. Again very tough competition and not easy work for xray drivers. The first qualification round was amazing as all cars finished with less than a second gap between them.

1. Doucakis
2. Georgiadis - XRAY T4
3. Nikolakopoulos
4. Konstadopoulos - XRAY T3’12
5. Isaakides - XRAY T3’12

6. Mitropoulos
7. Louis
8. Argi
9. Gavriilides
10. Katsikis - XRAY T3’12

The finals is a little different from all other electric organizations. We count the total result so there is still the opportunity after the qualification someone to win the race even from a lower final if succeed to make better 5minute race than a driver of A final.

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Final results
1. Georgiadis - XRAY T4
2. Konstadopoulos - XRAY T3’12

3. Nikolakopoulos
4. Isaakides - XRAY T3’12
5. Mitropoulos
6. Argi
7. Gavriilides
8. Katsikis - XRAY T3’12
9. Xatzopoulos - XRAY T3’12
10. Robokos - XRAY T3’12

The 2 times Greek champion Georgiades won the first two runs and let no chances to the rest of the field. 2 xray cars on the 2 first places of the podium was again a great success for team xray. Many compliments to all drivers for a great race. Stay tuned for the next round of Attiko Championship.