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This past weekend, 19/20 January, the TT Indoor National Series took place in Torres Vedras. The track is an indoor carpet type and the layout seemed to be very demanding for most of the drivers, 20 in total in 4wd class. XRAY driver Nuno Rebelo was doing only his 3rd race with the car and on EP Off-Road cars, but he is addapting very fast.


Already in free practice Nuno Rebelo showed a very good pace wich gave the team the confidence needed to face qualifying heats with tranquility. Qualifying heats went through and Nuno Rebelo secured a 3rd spot to the triple A main, also Luis Simoes driving a XB4 qualified into the A main.


Nuno Rebelo won the 3nd main wich gave him a 2nd overall result and Luis Simoes finished 10th, this really showed car’s great performance and promising outlook into the future races.

Final Results:
1. Ricardo Monteiro
2. Nuno Rebelo - XRAY XB4
3. Nuno Duraes
4. Hugo Miguel
5. Bruno Coelho
6. Joao Figueiredo
7. Tiago Vieira
8. Mário Ribeiro
9. Nuno Roque
10. Luis Simoes - XRAY XB4