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XRAY is proud to announce that one of the world's best on-road drivers and the XRAY long time team driver, multi-time US champion in various classes, Paul Lemieux has re-signed to stay in the team for 2013. Exciting news is that Paul will in 2013 get into the off-road racing to race with the new XB4.

Paul's achievements in the past:

• 2 x Winternats champion
• 4 x ROAR Nationals champion
• 3 x Great Lakes Challenge champion
• 2 x IFMAR World Championship finalist

• 2 x IIC champion
• 10+ x ROAR National champion
• 1 x Reedy Race champion
• 4 x Cleveland Indoor Champs winner
• 4 x Snowbird Nationals champion
• 5 x World Championship finalist

Paul says:
"I am excited about the continued partnership between myself and the Team XRAY. I am especially excited to continue on with all of individuals that make up the XRAY family as i know it. To me the "work hard but have fun" atmosphere which we have achieved at events around the globe has been the driving force in what keeps me racing. 2012 was possibly the best year of racing that I have had to date, the achievements of winning Snowbirds, 3 national titles in 3 classes and winning the Worlds warm-up definately have given me confidence that all my sponsors commitment to racing and quality is second to none."

Paul will in 2013 race all the regional, national and international races with XRAY T4, NT1, X12, RX8 and XB4. The busy calendar will include all the US electric and nitro on-road nationals, Snowbirds and the major off-road races.