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Sunday March 17th it was the last race of 2013 Belgium Winter Challenge. This challenge has 5 rounds and is raced at Black Country Arena track (same track for Euro indoor race).

At the last race I made the fifth time in qualifying. For the finals I was confident and I knew that the car was really good.

In the first final I finished second in less than 2 seconds behind the winner. In the second final I finished 3rd. The third and last final, I finished 2nd after another great race. This really gives the second place finish of the last race. Overall in the challenge I took the 3rd place.

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Final race results:
1. Michiels Eric
2. Fontaine Frédéric - XRAY XB4
3. Taijman Jean-Michel
4. Nickel CĂ©dric
5. Munoz Freud
6. Konnings Jean-Yves
7. Van Echelpoel Kristoph
8. Stapaerts Steven - XRAY XB4
9. Devos Franck
10. Remy Olivier