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Race report by Bowie Ginting
The first round of 2013 Indonesian 1/10 GP National Championship was held at the JITC Race Track in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The weather was perfectly clear all day but the grip level was a bit low due to last night rain. It was a spooky for me as my car failed to finished in all three qualifying round because of an engine-flame out issue although I was on TQ pace. So, the TQ spot went to Heri Susanto, who was 4 seconds faster then the 2nd driver. I only managed to get 6th, completed the 8 XRAY cars for the A-main.


1. Heri Susanto - XRAY NT1

2. Dimas Ardian
3. Aswin Narwandi - XRAY NT1
4. Toni Kundjung
5. Kenji Taira - XRAY NT1
6. Bowie Ginting - XRAY NT1
7. Rizky Ananda - XRAY NT1
8. Jeff Arianto - XRAY NT1
9. Ricky Kurniawan - XRAY NT1
10. Bill Atan - XRAY NT1

The Main final came underway. I succesfully pull a clean start and sit in 4th after the first lap behind Aswin. Heri, Dimas, Aswin and me pull the gap from the rest of the pack. Aswin made a mistake in the second turn, got flipped and broke his 2nd gear. I tried to catch Dimas and succesfully passed him in 4th minute just before he got a flameout. I was able close the gap between me and Heri and passed him at 12th minute mark after a great battle for about 5 laps. Due to a very high tyrewear, many drivers made a tyre change in 17-20th minutes. At the end, I won the 45 minutes main final, 2 laps ahead of Heri.

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Final results:
1. Bowie Ginting - XRAY NT1
2. Heri Susanto - XRAY NT1

3. Dimas Ardian
4. Bill Atan - XRAY NT1
5. Ricky Kurniawan - XRAY NT1
6. Kenji Taira - XRAY NT1
7. Aswin Narwandi - XRAY NT1
8. Jeff Arianto - XRAY NT1

9. Toni Kundjung
10. Rizky Ananda - XRAY NT1

I would like to say many thank's to God, My dad, Mr. Harris Jacob and the rest of Captain GP Team for their help and support, looking forward for another great result with XRAY.

Set-up sheet:
Bowie Ginting