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Race report by Zsolt Bajusz
The 2nd round of the 2013 Hungarian On-road Championship Series was held at the Kyosho World – Modellcentrum track in Budapest last weekend (04/28/2013). The weather was sunny during the training and race day, but there was some rain by night, so the grip was lower than usually. The track is a small, very technical and the surface is bumpy, so the key issue was to find an aggressive but still stable enough setup for the 30 minutes final. This was the first time, when we felt the advantages of the new front stabilization geometry (rod instead of knife), and the new big bore shocks performed extremely well also. Finally, the car was easy to drive, and still fast enough, while the tire wear was as low as we was able to keep the same lap times during the whole final.

Laszlo Kiss-Orban started from the pole position in the 1/10 200mm Modified (EFRA) class, and after the first refueling he has built a 1 lap gap in front of the field. Thanks to his consistent driving and the excellent pit works of his mechanics Janos Lakatos, Laszlo has kept this gap during the whole run, and finished at the top of the podium with 2 laps ahead the 2nd car, Laszlo Szebelledi. On the 3rd position Antal Fehér was arrived.

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The final order was:

1. Laszlo Kiss-Orban - XRAY NT1

2. Laszlo Szebelledi
3. Antal Feher