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XRAY is proud to announce that the multi-time Portugese champion Bruno Coelho has joined XRAY team to race in all the different classes. Bruno will in 2013 season race in all major races with the the NT1, RX8, XB9 & XB4.

Bruno's achievements:

European Junior Champion
6x National Champion 1/10 nitro touring
7x National Champion 1/8 nitro touring

"I finally managed to realize a big dream that I had for some time. I want to say thank you to XRAY, for helping me achieving my goals and expectations for this season and I promise that i will work hard in order to add even more titles to this great brand, that has evolved so much in the world of RC and also give my contribution to the advancement of the XRAY technical level."

XRAY welcomes Bruno to the team and wishes the best luck.