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Race report by Sam Craig & Erwin Luhur
On Sunday 26 May 2013, six of the ten racers in the A-Main Final of the Singapore National Series Race #4 were XRAY NT1 drivers.

NT1 driver Aidi Amin, absent from 1/10th scale for the past six months came back and surprised the field by being 1/100th of a second off the fastest lap time set by NT1 driver Erwin Luhur. After three rounds of qualifying - Erwin Luhur qualified 2nd, Aidi Amin 3rd and Sam Craig 5th.

At the start of the 30 minute final, light rain fell amid thunder and lightning. Amazingly (for Singapore), the rain stopped, but black clouds, wind and loud thunder continued – putting driver composure and concentration to the test.

The race pace was intense and many drivers experienced a big drop in performance in the last half of the race after pushing too hard in the first half. 2012 Singapore Open Champion Ben Seet was able to increase his pace significantly in the last ten minutes to catch Erwin Luhur and open up a small lead on the last few laps. At the 30 minute mark, Ben finished in first place, 1.38 seconds ahead of 2nd place Erwin Luhur.

Aidi Amin sadly experienced engine problems after a great start. Sam Craig had a strong first half proudly staying ‶about even※ with Ben Seet only to lose pace and 3 laps on the leaders in the last half of the race.

Ben Seet and Erwin Luhur both drove an excellent race clean of major incidents and problems.

A Main Final Results – 30 Mins

1. Been Seet
2. Erwin Luhur - XRAY NT1’13
3. Sam Craig - XRAY NT1’13

4. Ericster Boon
5. Don Chng - XRAY NT1’13
6. Aidi Amin - XRAY NT1’13
7. Prem Kumar - XRAY NT1’13

8. Jerry Leow
9. Nicholas Willcox - XRAY NT1’13
10. Phillip Lee

Set-up sheet
Sam Craig
Erwin Luhur