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Report by Antrade
This weekend the third round of the Norwegian Cup series was held at Innherred RC's beautiful track in Levanger, Norway.

Fresh from his win in 2wd the day before, Martin Soerlie placed his brand new XB4 third on the grid after the qualifiers. What could have been a TQ-run ended when a driveshaft pin popped out, but this was not to be an issue anymore, and in the finals Martin took two commanding wins to give the Xray XB4 it's first Norwegian Cup series win in his first race with the car!

"I'm really happy to deliver like this, and also to win with a new car on it's first outing. I'm really happy with this weekend, and I would like to thank Antrade.no and Xray for delivering a great winning vehicle! :)"

Full results:

1. Martin Soerlie XRAY XB4
2. Roy Gjemble
3. Joakim Nicolaisen
4. Magne Kobbevik
5. Stein Ove Nordahl
6. Daniel Kobbevik
7. Are Belsaas
8. Kenneth Storhaug Neverdal
9. Thomas Vaernes

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