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Race report by Reno Savoya
The MBGO Gonfreville hosted this last round of electric National, in the Northern West of France. The weather was incredibly nice for this part of the country and this season!

We drove 3 rounds of practices in both 2wd and 4wd, then 6 rounds of qualifications.

In 2wd, I worked my XB2 prototype the way up as I TQed one round then struggled a little and ended up 3rd.

In 4wd, it was an XB4 domination as Armand Lantheaume and Lorenzo Crolla were showing the incredible potential of the buggy, driving very fast and consistent. We worked all together to find the proper setup for these dusty and bumpy conditions, and ran with a very similar setup. Armand TQed 2 rounds and I TQed the 4 others, giving me the number one spot on the grid.

Here comes the mains! In 2wd, it was pretty difficult to keep the right rythm in the pack with the other cars, and I couldn't really get clear laps to get back on the leader. I got 4th and 2nd, then a poor landing and a terrible crash in A3 popped my driveshaft out and I couldn't fight for a better spot on the podium.

In 4wd, everyone was looking very quick and pressuring me. However, I managed to win the 2 first legs and enjoy the show between Armand and Lorenzo in A3! XB4 was crearly the most represented car in the pits and in the main with 5 cars out of 12!

Great job guys!

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Race results
1. Savoya Renaud - XRAY XB4
2. Lantheaume Armand - XRAY XB4
3. Crolla Crolla - XRAY XB4

4. Heligoin Vincent
5. Deroch Stéphane - XRAY XB4
6. Vernichon Fabien
7. Jadot Florent - XRAY XB4
8. Pain Frédéric
9. Pasca CĂ©dric
10. Bertin Patrice

Set-up sheet
Reno Savoya