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Race Report By Umut TĂĽrkay
RATRACE 2013 weekend was a great success and for many drivers this was their first experience of 1/10th racing (2wd and 4wd buggies) also 1/8 buggies was at stand at the second day of the race. they were very impressed and we think everybody learned a lot from the weekend. There will be a club created specifically now for 1/10th offroad buggies and SCT in future. The RatRaffle was a great success and along with the entry fees we raised half the money needed for astro turf for the track.

Three organizatior group co-operated with the organization, thank to Rcskool (Tom How), Aytemiz Hobi(Serdar Aytemiz) and Team NCRC also race oriented sponsors put their support for the race. . As Team-Ncrc we have been at track to support XRAY drivers of the event in terms of setup and spare parts. In future we will be there to support for both XB2 and XB4 cars.

It was a great experience to see XB4 cars performing good at this new event and proud of winning race. Total XRAY XB4 cars were in the race.

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4wd 1/10 Buggy:

1. Kerem DĂĽzgit - XRAY XB4

2. Kayhan Torpil
3. Yasin YenidĂĽnya
4. Niyazi Deniz - XRAY XB4
5. Onur Ulusoy - XRAY XB4

6. Kayhan Ketenci
7. Umut TĂĽrkay - XRAY XB4
8. Tom How - XRAY XB4

9. Serkan TĂĽmer
10. Cabir Ă–zcivan

1/8 EP Buggy:

1. Bora Deniz AksĂĽt
2. Cengiz Gökbulut
3. Nebi AkgĂĽn
4. İrfan Uğurlucan
5. Tolga Yılmaz
6. Fatih BĂĽyĂĽktaş
7. Kayhan Torpil
8. Çağlar Akmeşe - XRAY XB9E
9. Emre Ăśnan
10. Serkan TĂĽmer

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Here is the winner of 4wd KEREM DĂśZGİT first race and first wining experience:
‶During the weekend of 28-29th Sep ’13, with the opening of new 1/10th offroad track in Istanbul , first club race called RatRace was organized in such a nice weather.

After finishing the assembly of XB4 just before the race day, I knew that it would be my first experince in 1/10th offroad. However I know the track conditions so while building the car, I made some adjustments in advance. One of them was to use 2 hole pistons to overcome bottoming out after big jumps while landing to flat surface. Due to the track was so technical I decided to use lower gear ratio for better acceleration since we didn’t need high top speed. Other than that my setup was basically very close to stock clay setup.

Race day came and after 2wd finals, I was ready for practices. During the practices XB4 handled great and I had high traction and the car had more than enough steering. I was also happy with the landing while other race’s was bottoming out. After the 2nd practice, I was 2nd in overall after my opponent Kayhan Torpil with only 0.4 sec.

Before the quals all I have done was to lower the rear end to increase rear traction even more and found the safe spot to handle the big jump. During the 2 quals I was going faster overall with result of 12 laps each and was very happy with my car with no issues at all.

I was the TQ with result around 17 seconds better than my closest opponent. Before the finals I removed 2 screws to give more flex to rear, thanks to unique XRAY design and I was even more faster durng the finals .

First final was a little disappotining since I lost time in first turn and I was in 5th position. After I made it up and was behind Kayhan after min.3 . Again few mistakes while passing Kayhan as a result I finished 2nd with 12 laps 0.7 seconds behind him.

I should be careful in 2nd and 3rd finals to finish in 1st and I didn’t loose my concentration, after few laps I opened the gap around 1 lap and I managed to finish both finals in 13 laps with the track best time record in last final.

We were 5 XRAY XB4 drivers among total 12 participants.

I would like to congratulate and thanks to all great support before and during the race to my XRAY team mates Umut Turkay , Niyazi E.Deniz, Onur Ulusoy and Tom How. "

Set-up sheet
Kerem Duzgit

Detailed race information and future organizations can be followed at http://www.rcracers.net/ratrace/.