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XRAY is happy to announce that the young talented French driver Lorenzo Crolla joins the XRAY off-road team. Lorenzo will attend all French championship races, French cup, European championship and will try to get his ticket for the World’s in Italy!

Lorenzo has been as a private driver already the European Championship A main finalists in Spain with the XRAY XB4 and will continue to race in both 4WD and 2WD 1/10 classes with the XB4 as well.

Lorenzo says:
‶I am very pleased to be a part of the official XRAY team. I have been very satisfied with the XB4 and after my first success at Euros my motivation has been even greater. After some extensive testing of the new prototype of the XRAY's 1/8 off-road car I was amazed with both the perfomance and handling and had no doubts at all to join the team for 2014. My motiviation and excitement are at maximum and I am looking forward the next seaon.※