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Race report by Mark Thornewill
Today was the third round of the ever popular Schumacher West Bridgeford Winter Series an indoor carpet track located just outside of Nottingham. We decided as a group to run both cars, but due to time constraints very little changes were made throughout the day. The format of the day was 2 3minute practice in heats followed by 4 rounds of qualifying 2 to count and 1 final.

Straight from the start the xb4 cars were amazing around the technical track, the only change we made to them all day was the roll bars. The top 4 cars all took a round of qualifying, with James Bullivant, Xb4 taking tq with a quicker time over Dainel Austin (Durango) in second, Mark Thornewill, Xb4 in third and Abi Bullivant, xb4 in fourth. The final of the 4wd was a close affair at the start for a couple of laps, a couple of small mistakes by a couple of us allowed James to put the hammer down and drive away tone to tone. Behind James, Abi had taken up 2nd position to which she would hold and Me and Daniel had a close race to which I would just nip it.

Finishing Order

1. James Bullivant - XRAY XB4
2. Abi Bullivant - XRAY XB4
3. Mark Thornewill - XRAY XB4

4. Dainel Austin
5. Pete Foster - XRAY XB4
6. Ross Drew - XRAY XB4

Onto the 2wd, the three of us are all fairly new to 2wd cars, but enjoyed the close racing had throughout the day. We all used standard kit setup apart from 50wt less in the front and rear shocks with 5000k in the rear diff. I would qualify 26th and finish 23rd, James qualified 21st and finished 27th. Again the car was amazing just need a little more time getting use to 2wd.

Thanks goes out to Greg at RC Disco for the continued support.

Set-up sheet
Mark Thornewill XB4