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This weekend there was the Christmas race held at the MCCD track, 80 drivers were present in 2WD and 60 in 4WD, for this race they were imposed tires and only 3 per person allowed.

On Saturday only the 2wd was scheduled, 4 qualifications and 3 final runs. I took the overall TQ with my car being very easy to drive and very fast.

In A main 1 I had a great start and I did 1 mistake, Simon and Tom pass
me and as they did a clean race it was impossible to pass them and I finished 3rd, 1 sec behind.

The 2nd and 3rd final was pretty much the same scenario and I place 2nd and third, taking 3rd overall position.

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On Sunday the 4wd were raced with the same rules for the tires, 4 qualifications and 3 finals

I do 3 tq's so i start on pole position in A main.

A main 1, I put on new tires and they made the car more difficult to drive and to be consistent but I did only 1 mistake and won the first final,
A main 2, I had no stress and was quite relaxed, the car was so easy and fast ! I did 18 laps, best lap 17.2 and won the A main 2 and win the race ahead Simon and Tom

Very good weekend, a very nice track, and present for the next Christmas race !!

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2wd :

1. Tom Cockerill
2. Simon Moss
3. Lorenzo Crolla - XRAY XB4 2WD (TQ)
4. Nicolas Risser
5. Stephan Deroch

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1. Lorenzo Crolla - XRAY XB4 (TQ)
2. Simon Moss
3. Tom Cockerill
4. Stephan Deroch - XRAY XB4
5. Julien Formentin
6. Ludovic Valtier
7. Nicolas Risser
8. Vincent Meertens
9. Jean-baptiste Geneau - XRAY XB4
10. Alexandre Privat - XRAY XB4
11. Thibault Berthier - XRAY XB4

12. Jimmy Weimann

Lorenza Crolla XB4 2WD
Lorenza Crolla XB4