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XRAY is happy to announce that multiple European Champion Reno Savoya has extended the contract with XRAY team for 2014. Reno has been very valuable member of R&D team and works closely with Juraj Hudy on the all-new XB8 development as well development of the 1/10 off-road platforms.

Reno's achievements:

• Multiple European Champion
• Multiple French National Champion
• Multiple World Championship finalist

Recent 2013 achievements:

• 3rd @ Italian Job Padova, Italy
• 2nd @ Montpellier GP, France
• Amain finalist @ Dirt Nitro Challenge, USA
• Multiple Amain finalist @ EOS
• Modelcar Challenge winner, Portugal
• Vice European Champion, France
• #1 A-main final @C-netic, Indonesia

Reno says:

"I started to work with the XRAY team back in September '11. I can't be more happy and proud of all the hard work we've put together in order to develop and increase the performances of the XRAY line. For a long time I was looking for a serious R&D implication and improvement of the products I was working on. It's unbelievable the capability, both human and technologic, this company enjoy everyday in order to produce the best quality and performance products. At every level, professional driver or basher, we can feel the spirit of racing is in the DNA of the house! I had a wonderful year, with many big achievements, and I'm really looking forward to 2014 to carry on our trustful relationship and push my results up to another level! Like usual, never hesitate to walk around my pit area for a chat, it's always a pleasure to share set-ups, knowledge and experiences! I would like to take the most of this words to thank everyone at XRAY factory and team for their support!"

In 2014 Reno will race XB8, XT9, XB9E and XB4 both 4WD and 2WD at regional, national & international races around the world:

• January 10-12th Italian Job padova
• January 17-19th EOS rd2
• February 1st-2nd Lyon GP 1/10th
• February 14th-16th Montpellier GP
• February 17th-23rd The dirt
• March 8-9 French nats 1/10
• March 22-23 French nats 1/8
• March 27th-30 Psycho nitro blast
• April 5-6 French nats 1/10
• April 12-13 Efra GP France
• April 18-21 Neo race
• April 23-27 French nats 1/8
• EOS rd3
• May 10-11 French nats 1/10
• May 17-18 Euros warmup 1/8
• May 24-25 French nats 1/8
• June 14-15 French nats 1/10
• June 21-22 Lyon Gp 1/8
• June 28-29 French nats 1/8
• July 12-13 Quebec Classic 1/8
• July 14-19 Euros 1/10
• August 5-9 Euros 1/8
• August 30-31 French Cup
• September 13-14 French nats 1/10
• September 20-21 French nats 1/8
• September 22-27 Worlds 1/8