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XRAY is proud to announce that the on-road super star and World Champion Ralph Burch will race all the on-road classes in 2014 with XRAY. Ralph will attend all major races to support the XRAY USA team and will race with RX8, NT1, T4 & X12.

Ralph's achievements:

• 32x USA ROAR National Champion
• 1x IFMAR Nitro sedan world champion
• Multiple Winternats Champion 1/8 on-road & touring
• GLC Champion
• Multiple Snowbirds champion

Ralph says:

"I have been racing with XRAY team since the very beginning since I have started to race the very first T1 more than 13 years ago. Over the years we have built a very effective team work & cooperation which has resulted into some of my best achievements in my racing career including the World Champion title. I am very proud to represent this finest company and I am very happy that our cooperation will continue and I hope some more great results will come either for me or for anyone at the XRAY team. I have been available to any XRAY drivers with any their questions or comments and I am looking forward to see you all during the 2014 at the races."

Ralph will in 2013 attend all the major races including:

• Snowbirds
• Winter nationals
• ROAR carpet 1/10th electric nationals
• ROAR nitro on-road nationals
• Great Lake Challenge GLC
• Reedy Race
• Mile high indoor champs
• Timezone Grand Prix
• IIC championship