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XRAY has teamed up with RC America to strengthen and support customers in the USA. XRAY would like to introduce our new North American head office and distribution center. We proudly welcome you to a tour of the new modern facility that was created solely for one reason, 100% customer support for US customers.

Combine European excellence with North American flare...XRAY USA

* 100% customer service and support
* convenient hours to more effectively service both Eastern and Western time zones
* experienced and friendly staff including Ralph Burch Jr. with a wealth of R/C knowledge
* current National Champions on hand to quickly answer any question
* the world's largest stock of kits and spare parts
* computerized ordering and fast order processing
* stronger professionally picked distribution networks
* same day shipping to all dealers with astonishing fill rate
* extensive interactive webpage
* authorized repair center
* professional factory racing team
* toll-free support 1-800-519-RCA1 weekdays until 6:00 PM central time

XRAY shattered the bar in performance and car design, look for the same with support, true factory support... Luxury model cars... Luxury support... XRAY USA

Full contact:
RC America
167 Turtle Creek Blvd, Suite C
Dallas, Texas 75207

Phone: 214-744-2400
Fax: 214-744-2401

email: [email protected]

Visit XRAY USA at www.xray-usa.com