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The Greek nationals took place at 4th of May in Athens. Fanatix was represented by Sikianakis XB4 2WD and Paschopoulos. The track is only dirt without carpet or multi surface. Dionisis qualified 3rd behind two local drivers who have the advantage of perfect knowledge of the track.

Qualification order

1. Amaksas
2. Floudas
3. Sikianakis – XRAY XB4 2WD
4. Papanikolaou
5. Zanos
6. Arkoudaris
7. Kodouzoglou
8. Molinas
9. Mougos
10. Sgouros

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In the finals Sikianakis made a good race and he managed to finish at the same place he started. In the third run he had a good battle with the fourth driver and he took the win in the same second.

Final results

1. Floudas
2. Amaksas
3. Sikianakis - XRAY XB4 2WD
4. Kodouzoglou
5. Papanikolaou
6. Arkoudaris
7. Mougos
8. Sgouros
9. Zanos
10. Molinas

Sikianakis is driving mostly on carpet. This was the first test race of XRAY XB4 2WD on dirt surface. XRAY 2WD proves that with the right setup could perform as well on dirt too. Congratulations to Sikianakis and XRAY for the 3rd place on Greek championship.

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