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Race report by Lars Haugen and Claus Ryeskov
The second round of the Swedish nationals was held on the nice track in Trolhätten near the closed SAAB car factory. Trolhätten is a very nice town with a lot of lakes, canals, waterfalls and locks for the boats.

Friday afternoon practice was canceled due to a lot of rain and the track was still wet on Saturday morning. So there was no practice on the track before race.

In Sweden we drove 5 qualification rounds with the best 3 laps counted, 20 min. semis and 45 min. finals. Claus started 1/10 finals from the 4th place on the grid and Lars Haugen in 1:8 class started 10th. Lars Haugen was very unlucky in the semi finals, he got off the track 3 times and was the last. However, he made a good come back, made some good rounds and got the ticket to the finals by only 1 sec.

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1:10 final result:
1. Andreas Husman
2. Martin Aberg
3. Claus Ryeskov - XRAY NT1
4. Erika Hellquist - XRAY NT1

5. Nikolaj Hviid
6. Thomas Gidlund
7. Ake Törnros
8. Christer Jansson - XRAY NT1

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1:8 final results:
1. Marcus Lindner
2. Magnus Bengtsson
3. Lars Haugen - XRAY XR8
4. Christofer Hedlund - XRAY XR8
5. Markus Hellquist - XRAY XR8

6. Bengt Andersson
7. Mikael Fransson
8. Per-Ola Hard
9. Karl Ullenius - XRAY XR8
10. Stig Berntsen

Thanks to the organizer for a good race.