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Race repor by Stuart Wood
The 4th round of the uk northwest regional series held at the pendle 8th track.
The club have recently turned there dirt track into an all astro track which will help in the uk due to all the rain we have.

Today was very dry and very sunny. The sand was very bad from the astro and made it hard work in 2wd due to the lack of traction on the sand. I started off with a little weight in the rear but after practise I put the rear hinge pin holders on the rear as well as the chassis weight for the rear.

For me, I felt that it was very high grip in round 1 but other drivers struggled.
After round 1 I was 12 seconds in front of second place.
I won all 4 rounds of qualifying and be over 10 seconds in each round.
This then gives me TQ.

From the start of the A Main, I pulled about 10 seconds lead but then experienced some electrical glitches and my lead started to close. I managed to hold off second place right to the very last corner and won the final. All in all, my car was very safe but still quick. A big thanks the XRAY, Hacker Electronics and RC Disco

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Top 3 final results:
1. Stu Wood – XRAY XB4 2WD
2. Mark Smith
3.Luke Holdsworth