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Race report by Martin Bayer
Last weekend was first round of very popular winter race in Czech Republic MIBOSPORT CUP. It was first round of this series and we can see 190 drivers on start. Race start with free practice on Friday but I came on Saturday morning. I had time to spend 6 minutes on track with both cars.

Basic set-up felt very good. During qualification I make few adjusts on set-up and improve my times. I secure TQ and pole on grid with 2WD and 4WD.

For first final in 2WD I change little my set-up and I got much faster than other drivers. I lead from begging to end. Same scene was in 4WD.

I repeat it for second main and secure overall win in this race.

Top3 2WD
1. Martin Bayer – XRAY XB4 2WD
2. Ronald Volker
3. Kája Novotný

Top 3 4WD
1. Martin Bayer - XRAY XB4
2. Kája Novotný
3. Bartek Zambrzycki