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To celebrate the World Champion title XRAY releases a special Limited Edition of the NT1 featuring plenty of option parts that Alexander Hagberg used on his NT1 at the World Championship in Thailand to grab the title. A set of option parts worth of 370Eur without VAT are included together with a full standard NT1 kit in this Limited Edition deal. Available only in a small quantity and only while the stock lasts so make sure not to miss this great opportunity.

#330010 XRAY NT1 World Champion edition includes:

330009 - XRAY NT1 - full kit with all parts
331101 - Chassis 4mm Swiss 7075 T6
331180 - Brass Chassis Weight Front 25g
331190 - Graphite Chassis Insert Front
331191 - Graphite Chassis Insert Rear
331201 - Wide Bumper
331215 - Graphite Upper Holder for Bumper
331280 - Chassis Weight Holders
331340 - Rear Body Backstops
332401-O - Downstop Independent Alu Front Anti-Roll Bar Orange
332012 - Bulkhead Front Right - Hard
332022 - Bulkhead Front Left - Hard
333012 - Bulkhead Rear Right - Hard
333022 - Bulkhead Rear Left - Hard
333061 - Graphite Roll-center Bridge
333401 - Rear Adjustable Anti-roll Bar
334061-O - Alu Brake Post Arm Swiss 7075 T6 Orange
335710 - Front Middle Shaft Hudy Spring Steel™
335720 - Front Middle Shaft Holder
335731 - Alu Lightweight Locating Collar Orange
336040 - Graphite Receiver Bracket
336080 - Graphite Personal Transpoder Bracket 336231-O - Alu Radio Plate Mounts Swiss 7075 T6 Orange