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Race report by Miguel Matias
My last Race of the year was the club race of the Indoor RC Oeste 3 birthday. Perfect opportunity to bring out the new XB4 2015.

On Saturday in the afternoon I put the car for the first time on the floor with the rearward motor position, short battery pack and the 2014 setup I had for this track. The first impression I had was that the car has the rear more stable and it lands better of jumps. After 3 or 4 batteries the car was ready to do the whole race without making any changes except for tires. Another thing that felt good was to be able to abuse the brake and the throttle as you wish, without worry about the bevel gears. Can`t wait to get back with it on the track.

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Final results 2WD:
1. Miguel Matias – XRAY XB4 2WD
2. Fábio Ramos
3. Gonçalo Melo
4. Rodolfo Maia
5. Luis Godinho
6. José Travassos
7. Helio Lopes
8. Rodolfo Santos
9. Pedro Gomes
10. Pedro Rodrigues

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Final results 4WD:
1. Miguel Matias – XRAY XB4
2. Fábio Ramos
3. Pedro Dias
4. Carlos Candido – XRAY XB4
5. Rui Parrula – XRAY XB4

6. Gonçalo Costa
7. Gonçalo Melo
8. Nuno Branco – XRAY XBX4
9. Rui Rodrigues – XRAY XB4

10. Jorge Borges