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XRAY is happy to announce that European Champion Martin Bayer will continue to race with XRAY in 2015. Martin has been important member of the R&D team participating at the development and testing of all the XRAY off-road platforms.

Martin's achievements:

• European Champion 1/10 electric off-road
• European Championship 1/8 off-road podium finisher
• Multiple Czech Champion 1/8 off-road nitro, electro
• Czech Champion 1/10 electro
• Multiple European Championship finalists
• Dirt USA finalists
• Dirt Italy Truggy winner
• Multiple Astra Nitro Cross winner

Martin says:

"After successful racing seasons with XRAY team with my first European Champion title 1/10 off-road, wining the German national title and achieving multiple podium finishes at international races including European Championship I did not hesitate at all to extend my contract for 2015. Being part of the development team I now realize how much dedication and effort the entire R&D team puts in their work to make the best cars always better. I am very motivated to continue to help Juraj and the R&D team to make XRAY cars this year successful on the tracks & races around the world and will work even harder in the R&D and of course on all the races to provide support to our XRAY drivers and customers."

Martin will race in 2015 all the regional, national and international races with XB4, XB8, XB8E and XT9:

• World Championship 1/10 electric
• European Championship 1/8 nitro
• European Championship 1/8 electric
• European Championship 1/10 electric
• German National series
• Czech National series
• EOS series
• The Dirt USA
• Warm-up 1/10 electro
• Warm-up 1/8 nitro
• The Neo Race