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XRAY is happy to announce that European Champion and multi-time Portuguese National Champion Miguel Matias will continue to be part of the factory team in 2015 season. Miguel is a professional off-road car racer with many years of experiences and a stunning list of achievements and victories. Miguel will continue to work closely with the R&D team on the further development of the XRAY electric & nitro off-road car platforms including XB8, XB4, XB8E & XT9.

Miguel’s best achievements:
• European Champion 1/8 off-road
• World Championship vice-Champion 1/8 off-road
• Multi time European Championship podium finisher
• 13x Portuguese National Champion 1/8 off-road
• Multi time Portuguese National Champion 1/10 off-road 4WD, 2WD and 1/10 electric touring

Miguel says:

‶Being part of the XRAY factory team has been a great experience and I am very happy for the support and backup I get. The speed of development is incredibly fast and very professional which is a great inspiration to me to improve as well. I will continue to race both nitro and electric off-road platforms. This year I will travel more and will participate also at the entire EOS series as well all the European Championships on schedule. I cannot wait for the next races, see you soon. ‶

Miguel will in 2015 attend all the local, regional and international races including:
• European Championship 1/8 off-road
• European Championship 1/10 off-road
• EOS Series
• Neo race
• Portuguese Nationals series 1/8 off-road
• Portuguese Nationals series 1/10 off-road