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XRAY has been proudly supporting the young & talented kids worldwide and has been the hatchery of the uprising RC talents. With the XRAY junior racing program we are happy to announce that the young upcoming off-road talent Jarno Pijpers has joined the junior team. Jarno is a 14 year boy from Holland who has shown an exceptional talent in off-road racing. Jarno will be racing all XRAY off-road cars including XB8, XB8E, XB4, and XB2.

Jarno says:
"I am very pleased to be given this unmatched opportunity to join the junior XRAY team and to represent the greatest RC car company. To be part of this team has been my dream since I started racing few years ago and it was XRAY that was my first car. I am honored and also fully motivated to work as much as possible to improve my racing results. Thank you XRAY for your trust in me."