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Sunday 19th of April was the 1st round of the UK's North West Regional 10th Off Road Series and it was held at the Bury Metro track in Manchester. The track is a full HIGH grip astro track and it suits the forward style design cars as it is not very bumpy either. The day was 111 drivers attending in 2wd and 4wd so it set off to be a very tight day.

The lay out of the track was very fast with lots of hair pins. Craig Collinson was the quickest with Stu Wood (XRAY XB2) very close second.

The A Main came and after the second lap Craig hit a random bump at the end of the straight which let Stu Wood and a few others through. Stu had a bit of a gap to second and on the second to last Stu found the same bump that Craig did in the earlier laps and dropped to 3rd.
All in all Stu was very happy with the speed of the XB2 as this was a VERY high grip track and the forward motor cars are designed for this surface.

Final results 2WD:

1. Craig Collinson
2. Chris Evison
3. Stu Wood – XRAY XB2

Stu would like to thanks ALL of his support - Team Xray, RC Disco, Hacker Electronics, BlueBird Servo's and Multipave Ltd.