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Race report by Jarno Pijpers
Last weekend we drove the last MIO race. In the qualifications I finished 2nd, 7nd and 1st and that gave me the second spot in the A final. I wasn’t happy with the setup of my car and changed my shock oil and we placed 3 dot springs on the rear, this made my car a lot better, the car was very fast and I was very happy.

The 1st final I finished in 1st place after a tough race with Oliver Speith, in the last round Oliver and I crashed in to each other on a jump. But my car was a little bit earlier back on its wheels.

In the 2nd final I finished 2nd behind Oliver Speith. So the 3rd final was very important, I had to finish in front of Oliver but I pushed too much and crashed 2 times. With my second place overall and a day time record of 19,305 I was very happy. Overall I finished the winter cup at the 4th place.

My next race is the EOS Germany and this would be also the last race with 1:10 car this season, because the outdoor season starts with the 1:8 nitro, and I can’t wait for the new XRAY XB8 .

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Final results:
1. Oliver Speith (DE)
2. Jarno Pijpers (NL) - XRAY XB2
3. Nigel V Katwijk (NL)
4. Luca Jost (DE)
5. Jens Becker(DE)
6. Raico v d Sluis (NL)
7. Tom Maquel(LU)
8. Wouter Wijnen (BE)
9. Patrick Jongenelis (NL)
10. Bernd Wiedenbush (DE)