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Race report by Nico Schmid
Nico Schmid has reached TQ and the victory in the 4WD class in the 3rd round of the Swiss Championship in Härkingen. His brother Florian has reached the 6th place and best Joungstar. The cars XB416 worked fantastic in very wet conditions.

In the 2WD Class Nico was on second Place in the A-Finals. After the finals, Nico was on rank 3. Florian improved from rank 9 on rank 6 and best Joungstar. Nico drives the XB2 Carpet and Florian the XB2 Dirt.

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Final results 2WD:
1. Philip Jeisy
2. Patrick Hofer
3. Nico Schmid - XRAY XB2
4. Sven Zünd
5. Fabian Luca Widmer
6. Florian Schmid - XRAY XB2
7. Michel Buschor - XRAY XB2

8. Adrian Müller
9. daniel fankhauser
10. Silvan Rhyner

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Final results 4WD:
1. Nico Schmid - XRAY XB4
2. Fabian Luca Widmer
3. Patrick Hofer
4. Philip Jeisy
5. Michel Buschor - XRAY XB4
6. Florian Schmid - XRAY XB4

7. Sven Zünd
8. Patrick Haltiner - XRAY XB4
9. Tobias Tönz - XRAY XB4

10. Stefan Wüthrich

Setup sheets: