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XRAY announces an exchange program for the Axial Ball-Bearing 3x8x3.5 which was installed in the differential of the T1FK'05 kits. If you are an owner of an T1FK'05, please read following:

Issue: click to enlarge
One side covered axial bearing
(click to enlarge)
The axial bearing installed in the alu differentials used in all the T1FK'05 kits had changed specification by the bearing manufacturer. The difference between the previous and newer version of the axial bearing is in the cage. The new version of the cage can be easily recognised, it is a silver cage covered only from one side. There have been reports that balls may fall out of the cage, causing the differential to not work properly.

Solution: click to enlarge
Double side covered axial bearing
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It has been claimed that the new version of the cage is manufactured within all standards and limits. Also, the reports say that not everybody experiences this issue, therefore it may happen that many owners can run the T1FK'05 with the current one-side axial bearing cage without any problem. However, XRAY stands for premium quality and high performance requirements, and therefore XRAY has decided to exchange all the new version silver cages for the well-proven double-sided covered cage. With the help and support from distributors, XRAY extends this exchange program to all T1FK'05 owners.

How to Proceed:
Please read carefully how to proceed if you are a T1FK'05 owner.

► Please note that the exchange program will be organised and proceed through the authorized XRAY distribution network and each distributor is allowed to accommodate the conditions and terms which will apply to their local market. You have to follow any specific or different requirements of your distributor.

Please send following information to your national distributor either by e-mail or fax:

• Your full name
• Your full address
• Your day and night phone number
• Your e-mail address
• Your Serial Number printed on the Certificate you have received included in the T1FK'05 kit
• You may be asked for copy of the proof of purchase (receipt), so please have it ready.

When you send an e-mail, please write in the Subject line of the e-mail:
"XRAY T1FK'05 Axial Bearing Exchange Program Application".

If you do not know who your national distributor is, please follow this link and in the drop-down menu select the country where you live. If you have problems you may contact the XRAY Support Team at [email protected] with all the above information and you will be advised how to proceed or your e-mail will be forwarded to your national distributor.

► Please note that the distributor may restrict the exchange program only to that kit you have purchased locally. Distributors reserve the right to refuse to send replacement axial bearing to those customers who purchased the kit from a third country (either via e-shop, eBay, friend, etc.)

► The distributor will send the replacement axial bearing cage to you directly, or will send it to your local dealer. You will be informed about the way how you will receive the replacement cage.

► You will receive only the replacement cage. You will NOT receive the two small shims of the axial bearing, as these are good and are not necessary to exchange.
All customers in North America will receive two (2) cages because all the T1FK'05 kits exported to the North America included two ball differentials.

► You do not need to return the one-side silver cage of the axial bearing. Please throw away the one-side silver cage, so you do not use it in future by mistake.

► To exchange the cage of the axial bearing is very easy. Please read and follow the Instruction manual of the T1FK'05, page 3 and 4 where you can read how to install the axial bearing easily. You can also download the shortened instructions.

Please remember to lubricate the axial bearing appropriately and at the same time you may add more grease to the balls in the ball differential as well if you feel your original diff is not greased sufficiently. Please use only the original XRAY grease included in the kit.

If you have any questions, please contact XRAY Support Team at [email protected] or contact your national distributor.

XRAY would like to take this opportunity to apologize for this issue and any disruptions that arise from this issue. XRAY guarantees that more emphasis will be addressed on further improving our TQM (Total Quality Management) to guarantee the outstanding premium quality for which XRAY is well known for.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Kindest regards


[email protected]