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Last weekend the last round of the Portuguese nats took place in Madeira, Funchal, at the track that I never driven before and far away from my home.

Saturday it was a pretty good day, I was able to find a good setup and set my pace close to the home drivers who were very fast. Sunday was when the things started to get bad. In all qualifications I was getting in trouble, but I was still able to get 3rd place overall.

In the semifinal I started 1st and the worst thing happened, a wheel unscrewed from my car caused me to lose 3 minutes and drop down to 10th place, but I was still able to make it to the finals.

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In the final I started from 10th place and I only had to finish in front of Franco Vilarinho to become 2nd time National Champion, so my objective was to overtake him I tried to manage the race and play it very safe, with no mistakes. And I succeeded ending in 3rd place, 5 places in front of him.

I took home the 2016 National Champion title. And Rui Completo became 2016 +40 National Champion.

1/10 results:
1. Hugo exposto
2. Paulo Rodrigues
3. Carlos Manuel - XRAY NT1
4. José Oliveira
5. Nuno Rodrigues
6. Hugo Mendes
7. Paulo Barros Rodrigues
8. Franco Vilarinho
9. Filipe Pinheiro
10. Tiago Afonso

Final National Stading
1. Carlos Manuel- XRAY NT1 National Champion

2. Franco Vilarinho
3. Hugo Mendes
4. Tiago Afonso
5. Tomás Andrade- XRAY NT1
6. Rui Completo- XRAY NT1 +40 National Champion

7. Filipe Pinheiro
8. Rolando Caseiro
9. Cristiano Coelho
10. José Reis