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Race report by Kája Novotný
In practice my Orion powered XB4´16 felt awesome after the first battery so we didn´t have to make any changes on the car. In 2wd I was struggling a bit with much lower traction compared to all other carpets we race on and also tire wear showed up as a big problem.

In 2wd qualifications I was still struggling with low grip and also made a few mistakes of my own, so overall TQ went to Michal Blahovsky! Me and Jiri Benes (both XB2C´17) finished 2nd and 3rd!
In 4wd qualifications I had to retire in Q1, but TQs in Q2 and Q3 meant overall TQ!

For 2wd finals we made more changes on the car and it worked out awesome as my XB2C´17 managed to take overall win with Michal Blahovsky in 2nd and Felix Uhyrek in 3rd!

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2WD Top 5
1. Kaja Novotny – XRAY XB2C
2. Michal Blahovsky (TQ)
3. Felix Uhyrek – XRAY XB2C
4. Jiri Benes – XRAY XB2C
5. Martin Koncel – XRAY XB2C

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In 4wd finals my XB4´16 continued to deliver a great performance and took easy wins in A1 and A2 with young Frantisek Kalenda in 2nd making it 1-2 for XB4´16!

4WD Top 5
1. Kaja Novotny (TQ) – XRAY
2. Frantisek Kalenda – XRAY
3. Michal Blahovsky
4. Jiri Benes – XRAY
5. Martin Koncel – XRAY

Now it´s time to get ready for EOS next week, thanks a lot to my parents and all my sponsors for their support!
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