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Race Report by Alexander Hagberg
In the touring car modified class, the early pace was set by the young XRAY team driver Marek Cerny, who put his T4’17 at the top of the time sheets in the seeding rounds. Eventually, I managed to find the pace for qualifying, which meant that I would TQ all 3 rounds and secure the overall TQ spot in front of my team mate. The fast Finnish driver Viljami Kutvonen would line up 3rd.

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I converted the TQ into a win after winning all 3 finals. I was closely challenged by Marek and Viljami in the finals. In the end, I was happy with the handling of my T4’17 car all throughout the race. It was a good opportunity to test setup things as well for the upcoming ETS next weekend.

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Modified TC results:
1. Alexander Hagberg - XRAY T4
2. Marek Cerny - XRAY T4
3. Viljami Kutvonen
4. Dominic Vogl
5. Zdenko Kunak
6. Kuba Simurda - XRAY T4
7. Patrick Gollner - XRAY T4
8. Oliver Havranek - XRAY T4
9. Radek Flek
10. Nico Haider - XRAY T4

In the LRP stock class, Tom Krägefski was fighting for the TQ for XRAY, unfortunately in the end, he narrowly missed out on the top spot by just a few tenths. He would have to settle for 2nd place in the finals. Oliver Havranek rounded out the podium in 3rd after another impressive drive by the young Czech driver!

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Stock TC results:
1. Philipp Neudinger
2. Tom Krägefski - XRAY T4
3. Oliver Havranek - XRAY T4
4. Robert Patrzek
5. Alexander Mayer
6. Martin Kratochvil - XRAY T4
7. Karel Kratochvil - XRAY T4
8. Martin Henschel
9. Ales Pelikan - XRAY T4
10. Erik Pauling

The 1/12 class was dominated from start until end by Tomas Liptak, who drove his X12’17 to a great win once again!

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1/12 results:
1. Tomas Liptak - XRAY X12
2. Ales Pelikan
3. Thomas Göschl - XRAY X12
4. Thomas Dvorszky - XRAY X12
5. Wolfgang Reichel - XRAY X12
6. Matej Sulc
7. Igor Liptak - XRAY X12
8. Bernd Koller
9. Svetlin Douhlevski
10. Torsten MĂĽller - XRAY X12

Race report by Kaja Novotny
The second round of popular Mibosport Cup series took place last weekend. There were again more than 200 participants, so it was another big event! For offroad classes the organizers prepared this time pretty tricky and technical track.

In 2WD buggy, Martin Bayer and his XB2C were the fastest in practice with Hupo and me in 2nd and 3rd! In the qualifications it was the same TOP 3 which fought for overall TQ and it was Martin Bayer who came out fastest, Hupo lined up 2nd and my Orion powered XB2C 3rd! In the finals it was again the same TOP 3 fighting for podium spots and in the, Hupo Honiglwon in A1 and A3. Congratulations!

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2WD results:
1. Hupo Honigl - XRAY XB2C
2. Martin Bayer - XRAY XB2C
3. Kaja Novotny - XRAY XB2C
4. Ales Bidovsky - XRAY XB2C

5. Marcel Rekettye

In 4wd class, it was Martin Bayer who set the fastest 3 consecutive laps with his XB4´16!
In qualifications Martin and me had great fights for overall TQ, which was decided in Q3 as Martin set the fastest time for 5 minutes!
In finals, I messed up in A1 and finished 3rd, but took the win in A2. That meant overall win was going to be decided in A3 – probably the best race of the day and in the end it was Martin who crossed the finishing line 1st. Congratulations – great run!

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4wd TOP 5:
1. Martin Bayer - XRAY XB4
2. Kaja Novotny - XRAY XB4
3. Hupo Honigl - XRAY XB4
4. Ales Bidovsky - XRAY XB4
5. Max Gotzl - XRAY XB4

I also have to congratulate young XRAY guns – Max Gotzl and Milan Mudra for making A-mains in both classes and showing great speed, great job!

In formula class, Herbert Weber has shown that formula class is his field and took TQ and overall win!

Formula TOP 5:
1. Herbert Weber
2. Forrai Gabor
3. Lukas Hoch - XRAY X1
4. Wolgang Reichel - XRAY X1

5. Thomas Goschl

So that was Mibosport Cup rd. 2. Congratulations to all winners! Thanks a lot to Michal Bok and his crew for another nice event, already looking forward for another one! And of course big thanks to my parents and all my sponsors for their support!
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Alex's winning Set-up sheet