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Race report by Kája Novotný
In 2wd qualifications my XB2 was getting better and better every round and took TQ in all three rounds!

In 4wd qualifications, it was my Orion powered XB4 which took overall TQ ahead of XB4s of Petr Tomasek, Jindrich Jirak, Frantisek Kalenda and Jiri Benes!

In 2wd finals my XB2 was on TOP and took the win in all three finals!

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2wd TOP 5:
1. Kaja Novotny (TQ) – XRAY XB2C
2. Jiri Mara
3. Jiri Benes – XRAY XB2C
4. Matej Sulc
5. Jindrich Jirak – XRAY XB2C

In 4wd class my XB4´17 easily won first two A-mains ahead of XB4 army!

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4wd TOP 5:
1. Kaja Novotny (TQ) – XRAY XB4
2. Petr Tomasek – XRAY XB4
3. Frantisek Kalenda – XRAY XB4
4. Jindrich Jirak – XRAY XB4
5. Jan Vild – XRAY XB4

In the end I want to say big thanks to my parents and all my sponsors!
XRAY, Team Orion, MKS, Pro-Line, Hudy, Hiroseiko, WTF, FX, Maxima, HOECO, H-Speed, Dubidesign, DFcreative, Ruddog and Kaja RC racing