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Race report by Brennan Schimmel
The track was hardpacked clay with medium traction. The traction did pick up a little more after blowing off the track.

Throughout my qualifiers everything was running great. Until... I broke the aluminum servo horn in half on my 4wd. Even with this, I was still able to qualify first in 4wd buggy. 2wd had some stiff competition and i qualified 5th. In the 4wd main I led the pack from the start without making any mistakes!

The 2wd main was a blast! On the sound of the tone, I bounced from 5th straight up to 3rd place right behind Scott Thomas and Drew Conley. I was running my race fast and smooth the whole time. I ended up battling Scott Thomas for consecutive minutes and I had to go wide on a turn with a big wreck and got tangled up. I just decided to race clean laps after that and finished the race in 3rd.

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XB4 Podium Results
1. Brennan Schimmel TQ – XRAY XB4
2. Dalton Hanbury
3. Jacob Hatala – XRAY XB4

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XB2 Podium Results
1. Josh Knight
2. Scott Thomas
3. Brennan Schimmel – XRAY XB2

XB4 Set-up sheet

XB2 Set-up sheet