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Race report by Greger Landén
In 4wd the whole race was a very close affair with four different drivers taking one round each of the qualifiers. In the end that meant that Alexander lined up third for the triple a-mains. In the finals Elias Johansson started on pole, and was able to sail off in front as all the other in the top three shot it out for the positions. There were many close battles and intense driving, and in the end Alexander was able to move one up and salvage a second place overall. This race was held a bit further up north than usual and the racing setup and type of track and carpet is a bit different compared to the mainstream tracks, it was good fun to race on this style of track, and Elias took a well deserved victory on what is closest to his "home turf".

The XB4 worked extremely well all day and all we had to do was minor tuning with sway bars to adapt to tire wear and slightly changing track conditions.

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Top 10 4WD
1. Elias Johansson
2. Alexander Landén - XRAY XB4 '17
3. Wilhelm Skjöldebrand
4. Hugo Bjurman - XRAY XB4´17
5. Tommy Bergfeldt
6. Niclas Mansson
7. Sebastian Johansson
8. Tobias Lindberg - XRAY XB4
9. Filippa Plyhm
10. Mikael Hedin

In truck this was our first Swedish race in this class, hopefully there will be more arranged since the XT2 is a blast to drive and it works so well. we were using a pretty standard setup and just went out and had fun. Alexander lined up 2nd on the grid for the finals and had the pace to challenge for the win in all of them, but couldn't find a way past on the tight track, so in the end he ended up second here as well.

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Top 3 Modified Truck
1. Carl fredrik Mathiesen
2. Alexander Landén - XRAY XT2
3. Klas Bredberg - XRAY XT2

Alexander also ran in 2wd buggy this weekend, and the car worked really well, following some of the new setup-ideas from the factory team. Alexander qualified 5th and eventually finished 5th overall after some eventful finals with some mis-fortune. The speed was good for a much better finishing position, but luck wasn't on our side this time in this class.

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