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Race report by Joel Valander
Winter Jumps Round 5 was held outside of Finland at the capital city of Estonia, Tallinn. Most of the racers arrived to track on Friday for free practice so did I. Track was really hard with many tricky obstacles and jumps but traction was pretty low for carpet.

2wd didn't go very well for me. I lost podium position in last final because I had crazy problems with lap traffic. But I was still able to finish 4th. Xray XB2C '17 was working really good and I should have been on top spots with that car.

4wd started little bit slow on Saturday's night free practice but I kept working on setup and my driving and that´s the reason why I found good pace in the finals. I finished 2nd in Q3 and Q4, so I lined-up 2nd on the grid behind Joona Haatanen. It looked at the beginning I could maybe keep up with Joona, but I had to also battle for my position where I lost some time.

In the last final Joona was already the winner so I started first and won by almost a lap and the car was feeling really awesome and finally I was feeling good with the track as well. I finished 2nd in 4wd class!

4WD overall results:
1. Joona Haatanen
2. Joel Valander - XRAY XB4
3. Karri Salmela
4. Pekko Iivonen
5. Max Mört
6. Mikael Yrjänäinen - XRAY XB4
7. Hendrik Lainemäe - XRAY XB4

8. August Poutiainen
9. Joonas Hyvärinen - XRAY XB4
10. Antti Silvennoinen

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