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Race report by Greger Landén
This weekend was the penultimate round of the WBC Cup in Sweden. The race was held at IRC Arena in Atvidaberg and hosted by the club MSK Kvarnvingarna. The club did a good job in creating a fun and challenging track layout, and as always the race management was top notch by the WBC organization.

Alexander was leading the total standings in 4WD going into the race having scored well in the previous rounds. The car was working really well and the XB4 was proving to be very nimble and agile on the tight track. Competition was stiff in this race, but Alexander managed to TQ the second round, but failed to back the result up, and had to line up 6th on the starting grid for the finals. Finals were really tight and overtaking was very hard so to advance in the field proved to be a challenge. However, the racing was great fun and there was a lot of great battles and in the end Alexander stood crowned as overall champion of the entire cup.

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Top 3 overall WBC 4WD Cup results:
1. Alexander Landén - XRAY XB4
2. Hampus Berg
3. Elias Johansson

Modified truck was also run during the sunday's event. Here the XT2 was performing really well, and Alexander was able to TQ the three first rounds to lock out P1 for the finals and then used the fourth round for some preparations for the finals. In the finals Alexander was able to take two quite commanding wins in the first and third round to secure the overall win in the truck class of the event.

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Top 8 Truck Class results:
1. Alexander Landén - XRAY XT2
2. Calle Svensson
3. Rasmus Thulin
4. Mats Angseryd
5. Klas Bredberg - XRAY XT2
6. Thomas Berg
7.. Christoffer Wikström
8. Daniel Larsson

Thanks to XRAY and HUDY for the excellent support during this season and to everybody else who have been supporting us.