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Race report by Joel Lee
Cottage Grove RC's annual invert race is where the A1 grid order starts based on qualifying order, A2 grid order is inverted, and the combined A1 and A2 points decide the A3 starting order. The two best results of three decide final results.

The qualifying day went well with both cars. 2wd felt great so no changes were needed. Ended up qualifying P1. In 4wd 13.5, I qualified P2 due to a mechanical failure.

2wd pro stock in P1 A1 went well. Ended up lapping the field. A2 was going great but lap 3 saw a stripped bulkhead camber link (DNF). A3 was another P1. Took 1st overall.

2WD Pro Stock
1. Joel Lee - XRAY XB2
2. Terry Shulz
3. Loren Smith

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In 4WD 13.5, A1 started out ok but a mechanical failure caused a DNF. Since I took last place in A1 I got to start inverted (P1). This gave me enough distance between me and P2(started in last place) to pull out and stay ahead for the entire race.

In A3, P1 started in 1st and I was in P3. Lap 1 we played follow-the-leader until P2 bobbled and collected P1. I managed to navigate the crash and ran on cruise control from there. P2 and P3 charged hard to catch up but got into trouble, pushing my lead further up. I'd bobble here and there but played the rest of the race conservatively and won. Took P1 by two seconds.

4WD 13.5
1. Joel Lee - XRAY XB4
2. Dave Devoe
3. Terry Shulz
4. Richard Stobert
5. Phil Barrier