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Race report by EuroRC
Weather was fantastic whole weekend. Hyvinkää track is pretty old, bumpy and dusty, but still most of people really like the layout. Track is pretty big also and got some highspeed sections. I knew the track will blown out little bit, so I just tried to get both my cars easy to drive.

Saturday morning two rounds of controlled practice in little damp conditions but for the first qualifier track dried out.

Q1 was crazy close with me and Karri Salmela. I heard announcer telling the difference is like 0.1 all the time. On the last lap I came little sideways from the big double and Karri TQed Q1. Super close!

Q2 my car felt little bit better when track tried out more and I was able to TQ all rest of the rounds pretty easily. Karri Salmela lined up 2nd on the grid and Toni Niinivirta 3rd with his XRAY XB2 Dirt Edition!

In finals Karri really put some pressure me but I just held my line and he wasn't able to overtake. At the end I won first two mains with pretty comfortable gap, so I could enjoy and watch last A-main!

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2wd Overall results:
1. Joel Valander - XRAY XB2
2. Karri Salmela
3. Toni Niinivirta – XRAY XB2
4. Konsta Saarinen – XRAY XB2

5. Mikko Luopajärvi
6. Juha Aromaa
7. Oskari Mäki
8. Jani Hovi
9. Antti Silvennoinen
10. Tuomo Otsavaara – XRAY XB2

Then it was time for 4wd! In morning practice my car was feeling bit hard to drive, but we discussed setup together with team EuroRC/XRAY and got the car dialed in for Q1.

In Q1 my car felt really good, maybe little slow but its not bad when track is that bumpy. I was able to TQ first three rounds and lock the TQ! Karri lined up again second and Konsta Saarinen did some solid runs and lined-up third!

First final was just crazy. Karri passed me nicely on first lap, but on second lap Karri came sideways from the big double and I hit him full throttle when he was sideways in front of me. We both fly off the track and I also tangled with some other drivers and I was almost dead last and half lap from the leader. I started to push and did some nice overtakes, Karri did mistakes and I found myself leading the race! For second final I just did clean laps and finished 1st with big gap and won the race!

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4wd Overall results:
1.Joel Valander - XRAY XB4
2. Karri Salmela

4. Mikko Luopajärvi

6. Juha Aromaa
7. Jani Hovi
8. Eeli Vieno – XRAY XB4
9. Valtteri Eklund – XRAY XB4

10. Jamiel Gabrielsson

Round #2 will be at awesome track of Vaasa 10-11.6.2017.

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Joel's thoughts:
"Awesome way to start outdoor/national season with clean sweep! I was also very happy that XRAY was most re-presentede car in both A-mains and everyone was really happy how their cars worked! I want to say thanks to my sponsors XRAY, EuroRC, Hobbywing, Highest, HUDY, EV-Peak and TShades for support! Can't wait to next round."

Joel's Winning set-ups
XB2 Set-up sheet

XB4 Set-up sheet