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Race report by Jason Christie
My buddies and I arrived on Friday. The track was wet clay and traction was very good.

My 2wd was close, needed some more steering. I added 1/2 degree of anti squat and the removed the 1.5mm washer from the steering rack to change the ackerman. The car was good.

My 4wd was very aggresive. I went back to the 16' starting setup. The car was traction rolling in one section so I added the 1.6 sway bars front and rear, slammed the ride height to 16mm and moved the shock location on the a arms to the inside and added 2mm to the steering rack ball stud to change the bump steer. I tried to mimic some of the setup changes that are seen on Bruno's astro/carpet setups. The car was much better and was on point.

Saturday qualifying. The track conditions had changed and traction was decreasing as the track was starting to dry. In 2wd my best run qualified me in 5th. I could have done better but some mistakes and traffic cost me. My 4wd was also a handful, some people were switching to treaded clay tires but I don't think it was any better or worse. The track was now slick and really challenging. I managed to lose TQ by 3 seconds I believe.

The mains were up and I knew I had a good chance to podium in 2wd, 4wd was a given. As the mains started traction was dropping. The loss of traction helped me work my way to 3rd place in 2wd twice securing a podium finish. In 4wd my first run wasn’t good but I managed a 2nd place finish, but was almost a lap off. My second run was great and I took the win. My run was fastest but I lost the tie breaker due to my first run.

I had a great time and the track was great, can’t wait to do it again.

2wd Podium
1. Robert Gonzalez
2. Austin Jeffries
3. Jason Christie – XRAY XB2

4WD Podium
1. Marcus Williams
2. Jason Christie – XRAY XB4
3. Daniel Grobe – XRAY XB4

Race report by Daniel Grobe
In the first round the car was very good. This round would be the fastest round from everyone. I was close with the top 2 in overall time. When the buzzer went off, the announcer called me done. I pulled off, and went down the stand. Only to pick up my car, and while walking to my pit, my car clicked done. My last lap was a good 22 seconds slow. Put me 4th overall for that round. However, lap time wise, my car was just a few tenths off the fast laps of teammate Jason Christie.
Round 2 I was able to get another clean run, some slight issues with traffic on a couple of laps, but saw my best run, finishing 2nd overall moving me to 3rd overall.
Round 3, with no water between rounds, this race would be basically a test session. No ones lap times were close enough to improve their overall times. I qualified 3rd overall.

I qualified 3rd on the grid,
A1, the start would be the story. I was hit from behind in the first corner, dropping me to dead last in the 10 car field. I was able to put my head down, made some very clean and fast laps. Battled back up the order, finished 3rd.

A2, off to a better start, jumped out to a lead, then a mistake in a corner, allowed teammate Jason Christie by. I ran in 2nd for a few laps, then lap traffic caused a mistake, dropped to 5th. battle back to 2nd. a late traction roll on the last lap, I ended up dropping to 3rd.
I turned my fastest lap of the weekend this main.
Finished 3rd overall.

Overall good weekend, 4wd being on the podium with the drivers that were there, was a good result for me.

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