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Race report by Magne Kobbevik
The popular Summer cup is rolling and this round it was 2WD on the tight and challeging astro track. Nice warm weather and good conditions on track.

3 rounds of qualifiers with 2 best counting, it was XRAY Team driver Daniel Kobbevik who had his first test with his brand new XB2 which set the pace. After qualifying was finished, Daniel had TQ with Petter Berntsen and Steffen Larsen that would follow on the grid.

Then ready for finals, Daniel started up in front and had a good lead after 4 laps, then he made a mistake in the middle jump section and the front link popped. Then it was Petter Berntsen that had the best speed and won A-1 infront of Steffen Larsen, Roger Berntsen 3.

A-2 started up with tight racing, but Daniel could slowly pull away, and take the win. Good fight between Steffen and Petter, this time in Steffen favor.

A-3, Again Daniel could cruise away and the gap got bigger. New fight between Steffen and Petter, unfortunantely Petter had problems after 6 laps and had to stop, then Roger came up. Daniel won A3 infront of Steffen and Roger.

So top 3 after Mains ready was Daniel Kobbevik 1st, Petter Berntsen 2nd and Steffen Larsen 3rd.

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2WD Top 10:
1. Daniel Kobbevik - XRAY XB2
2. Petter Berntsen
3. Steffen Larsen
4. Roger Berntsen
5. Marius Mossum - XRAY XB2
6. Steinar Ovlien
7. Andreas Sandgrind
8. Anders Falch
9. Nikolay H?ivik - XRAY XB2
10. Joakim Berg