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Last weekend the third race of the North German Nationals took place in Celle. Unfortunately, the number of registered drivers was very low. This is rather frustrating for the organizers. The astro turf track in Celle is very challenging, because it is very bumpy and during the day the traction changes a lot. And the tire wear is severe. The weather was great and it became very warm on Sunday.

Due to the number of drivers I had to drive one round of qualifiers and finals in three classes – the duration was 7 minutes per run – within 45 minutes. No time for set-up changes or anything else… I was glad that nothing broke. I really struggled with the changing track conditions and the quick adjustment to the next class. In 2WD it was not my day at all. My dad was able to beat me this time. In 4WD I couldn’t find my normal rhythm and made too many mistakes. At least I could manage a clear win in Stadium Truck.

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1. Lars Hundertmark
2. John Zuber – XRAY XB4
3. Olaf Stein - XRAY XB4

Stadium Truck
1. John Zuber – XRAY XT2
2. Michael Bossel
3. Mirko Johne