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Race report by Asi Bitton
After a long day of the Israeli league for 1/10 electric off road, in the A finals the Israeli driver Guy Rinkevich won them both with XRAY XB2C and XB4 after driving close, sporty and very competitive with Yosi Arbel. Avi Yadgar got the 3rd place after a comeback to race after 5 years out of racing... Congratulations to all.

In the B finals for the 4x4 Or balulu took the first place and Amit and Aria (father and son) took the 2nd and 3rd both driving the XRAY XB4.

Final C 4x4 was battling between Dvir hirak and Lior sade. Only the 3rd round gave the final wining to Dvir and Lior finished 2nd driving the XB4 and Snir in 3rd

In the 2wd nothing was easy since the astrof was medium to loose traction. All drivers drove very carefully and positions changed rapidly. It was close and all of them finished same laps. Guy ,Yosi ,Tom ,Uriel ,Lior and all the other guys showed great race and why this category is so changing and fun.

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1. Guy Rinkevich - XRAY XB4
2. Yosi Arbel - XRAY XB4

3. Avi Yadgar

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1. Guy Rinkevich - XRAY XB2C
2. Yosi Arbel
3. Tom Mushkatel