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Race report by Joel Valander
I knew the track would change a lot and so it did. Morning was high grip and later on finals it was really slippery and bumpy because they didn't water the track before finals.

2WD I was able to TQ one round when it was higher grip and struggled little bit with my driving later on a day. I started 2nd and finished 2nd behind fast local Karri Salmela.

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4WD was new day and my XB4 '17 was feeling awesome and I was able to TQ 3 out of 4 rounds. First final was great fight with Karri as I lost lead on first lap but I was able to catch him fast. I passed him back in last minute. Right after that he tried to take position back and result was that I flew off the track. Referee didn't saw that or something. Finished 2nd in first leg. Second leg I had mistake on hard jump and could't recover that, Karri won the race and I wasn't so happy about my driving in leg 2. Third leg I just secured 2nd place with clean run and won last leg.

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I'm very happy with my cars, XB2D '17 and XB4 '17 have been awesome all season. Final round is at Oulu 19-20 August and Finnish National champions will be decided there!

Thanks to my sponsors: XRAY, Eurorc.com, Hobbywing, Hudy, Highest, EV-Peak and T-Shades

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1. Karri Salmela
2. Joel Valander - XRAY XB2D
3. Konsta Saarinen - XRAY XB2D

4. Sami Salmela
5. Juha Aromaa
6. Max Söderlund
7. Mikko Luopajärvi
8. Toni Niinivirta - XRAY XB2D
9. Teppo Kauppinen - XRAY XB2D

10. Jari Itävuori

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1. Karri Salmela
2. Joel Valander - XRAY XB4
3. Konsta Saarinen - XRAY XB4

4. Max Söderlund
5. Tommi Vacklin
6. Tuomo Otsavaara - XRAY XB4
7. Teppo Kauppinen - XRAY XB4
8. Ari-Pekka Kyykkä - XRAY XB4

9. Arttu Syrjänen
10. Valtteri Eklund - XRAY XB4