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Race report by Balint Rajki
Last weekend the 1st round of the 2017-2018 electric Hungarian Championship has started at Kartal, Hungary. All rounds are organised on carpet and ends in April.

I ran Formula-1 and 2WD buggy categories, but besides the we also had 6 other categories. We have categories for all ages, we have popular category for only children with handout ESC, motor and tires and also a category for 40+ aged racers.

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In formula I had very limited practise time on Friday, but my car was good with the setup it had from previous race. Rules are quite similar to the ETS and the category is also competitive with more and more racers using the X1 platform. In qualifying I managed to get the 2nd position but I could win all 3 finals and therefore the race s well.

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Formula-1 final top 3:
1. Balint Rajki – XRAY X1
2. Peter Loncsar
3. Tamas Garami – XRAY X1

My other category this year at the Hungarian Championship is 2WD Buggy, where the competition is getting stronger and stronger each year with many EOS drivers are competing. I qualified the 2nd position here as well behind XRAY’s Zsolt Bajusz Junior and in front of Zsolt Bajusz, all 3 runing with XB2C. At the 1st final Zsolt Junior and me had a great run, I was right behind him during the whole run, but he didn’t make any mistake so I finished 0,2s behind him. The 2nd final was way different with me making an early mistake, the leaders making a comfortable lead. The lead has changed many times as the front runners also made mistakes so at the end of the 5 minutes race I crossed the finish line first. In the last final Zsolt Junior was trying different tires which were not so good for the first minutes, so I could pass him after a few laps. As his tires became better he has kept the distance but not close in, so I also won that final.

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2WD Buggy final top 3:
1. Balint Rajki – XRAY XB2C
2. Zsolt Bajusz Junior- XRAY XB2C

3. Daniel Schweizer

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In 4WD buggy Zsolt Bajusz Junior and Senior Zsolt Bajusz were their own field all the long with their XB4 cars. Zsolt Junior has won all qualyfing and final rounds.

4WD Buggy final top 3:
1. Zsolt Bausz Junior – XRAY XB4
2. Zsolt Bajusz – XRAY XB4
3. Peter Kozma – XRAY XB4

Buggy Junior is a category for youth racers with open 13.5T motors. 2WD and 4WD cars are all allowed and this weekend Alexandru Faur unbeatable with his XB2.

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Buggy Junior final top 3:
1. Alexandru Faur – XRAY XB2’17
2. Balazs Racz – XRAY XB4’16

3. Botond Kinhirt

XRAY has also dominated the Open category with Zsolt Kalnay and the Senior 40+ with Peter Kellerman, both using the T4 cars.

I was really happy to start the season like that and I’m looking forward to the next races.