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Race report by Pedro Gomes
The 1/10 Off-road Portuguese cup was held this weekend at the Indoor RC Oeste track (Torres Vedras), Portugal.

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2WD results:
1. Nuno Casal Ribeiro (TQ )
2. Marco Timoteo
3. Pedro Gomes - XRAY XB2
4. Miguel Santos - XRAY XB2

5. Miguel Silva
6. Denis Lopes
7. Filipe Laginha – XRAY XB2
8. Rui Rodrigues
9. Luis Godinho
10. José Travassos

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4WD results:
1. Fabio Ramos (TQ)
2. Hugo Miguel
3. Pedro Gomes – XRAY XB4
4. Nuno Casal Ribeiro
5. Marco Timoteo
6. Rui Rodrigues – XRAY XB4
7. Pedro Dias – XRAY XB4
8. Miguel Silva – XRAY XB4

9. Denis Lopes
10. André Guerreiro

Booth cars worked perfect and I was able to do the fastest lap of the day with my XB4.

Thank you to all my sponsors for all the support.