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Race report by Jarred King
2017 AARCMCC 4wd Modified National Champion.
Wow... what a day!

Took the overall TQ to secure the #1 plate heading into the finals, and to walk away with the win by 0.7sec is crazy. I have been working super hard to get this one since I won my 2WD title back in 2012.

And to do it at my home club was such a cool experience , where I started over 16 years ago. Looking up to people like Craig Laughton, Josh Pain, Ari Bakla etc. These titles do not come easy!

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4wd Modified
1. Jarred King –XRAY XB4
2. Josh Pain – XRAY XB4

3. Chris Sturdy
4. Ari Bakla – XRAY XB4
5. Mitchell Steer
6. Craig Laughton
7. Mat Primmer
8. Brady Anthes – XRAY XB4

2wd Modified
1. Chris Sturdy
2. Jarred King – XRAY XB2
3. Mitchell Steer
4.Craig Laughton – XRAY XB2
5. Cale Wilson
6. Josh Pain
7. Mat Primmer
8. Ari Bakla - XRAY XB2
9. Mitchell pratt - XRAY XB2

10. Simon Roberts

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Thanks to my amazing sponsors: Ari Bakla - absolute legend and dear friend. Sponsoring me for so many years and to win this one with you alongside me is even better. Providing me with the whole car and combination to take this title. Dad - always there to support me and help where he can, this title would have not been achieved without him.